One Dark Night

Historical Romance

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"Great story, complex, interesting with engaging characters, well worth reading."
Tony Spencer (in his Amazon UK 5* review)

"It's fast paced and it really grips you to the end."
Telangatuk (in the Amazon UK 5* review)

"It is beautifully written, the story is well told…"
Stephanie S (in her Amazon US 5* review

Soon after I met my husband he told me that there had been a smuggler in his family and, for a long time, we reckoned it was one of those family stories that had gained interest as the years wore on. A little digging around proved it was all true. As I had grown up near smugglers' caves, I'd always been gripped by their cool, dark tunnels hinting at midnight runs of barrels of contraband.

Like the tide, imagination can be hard to hold back. And so I followed it around and tapped away until One Dark Night was born.

I find decisions difficult. And so does Lucy. Tied to an uncaring mother who knows how to manipulate people to her advantage, Lucy lives in poverty for many years. Then two men enter her life. Her suspicions grow about one and her dislike of the other grows too. And one wants to hang the other. And she is suspected of being a spy: spies are dealt with by death.

One Dark Night is set in bays along the north shore of Kent and some of the incidents are based on truth. As in Hide in Time, the names of the settings are fictionalized as some have changed their names over the centuries.

I hope you will root for Lucy as she wonders who to believe. The smuggler or the King's man? And can the Parson help?